As the temperature outside fluctuates, it takes many hours for these changes to penetrate the Integraspec ICF’s 5” of EPS foam and 6” (or more) of concrete. The inside temperature changes very slowly.

    In an ICF home built By Skipper Smotherman, there are no drafts,cold spots, or cold rooms. With the addition of in floor radiant heating, you will enjoy comfort others only wish for.


    Energy recovery ventilators (ERV’s) work with the heating and cooling system to reduce humidity inside your home.


         The concrete and foam of ICF walls also block outside noise. Whether it’s traffic noise, mowers, or your neighbor’s band practicing next door, you will enjoy peace and quiet inside.

Or you can turn up your radio as loud as you like without bothering the neighbors. Some studies have shown that through wall sound transmission can be reduced by 70%.