Using Integraspec ICF’s to construct the exterior walls of a 2,000 square foot home will save almost 30 trees. IntegraSpec’s furring strip inserts and web-spacers are manufactured from recycled high impact polystyrene.  In addition, EPS waste from an IntegraSpec worksite can be recycled

       Heating and cooling are a homes biggest energy users. Building with ICF’s dramatically reduces energy consumption and uses far less electricity or natural gas.

    There is much less waste generated from building with ICF’s as compared to wood frame, and because Integraspec’s independent panels are bi-directional and reversible, almost every scrap can be used to assemble part of a wall.   

    Because a solid concrete ICF house will last much longer than a conventional house, the cycle of build/demolish, build/demolish is interrupted. An ICF house should be here for centuries.   

    When using Integraspec ICF’s, you are getting 5 steps in one; structural superior walls, super insulation, studs, air and moisture barrier, all in one product. This replaces concrete block, conventional poured concrete, stick framing, exterior sheathing, house wrap, plastic wrap and insulation. That means less truck bringing in products to the construction site.

    Integraspec ICF’s are manufactured in Decatur, Alabama, less than 120 miles from Nashville.