Combined with spray foam roof insulation and windows from Serious materials that offer the highest efficiency ratings available, ICF homes built by Skipper Smotherman are incredibly energy efficient.


    With the combination of a solid concrete core in full contact with an interior and exterior insulation panel, a super energy efficient wall is created protecting the indoor air temperature. A “heat sink” is created from the thermal mass of the concrete which is now very difficult to penetrate. The total wall system is greater than the sum of its parts, eliminating air leakage and increasing the “R” Performance to 40+. In a study by the Portland Cement Association, ICF homes saved up to 50% on heating and cooling costs over wood-framed homes. Some Owners enjoy energy savings up to 70%.

     As the temperature outside fluctuates, it takes many hours for these changes to penetrate the Integraspec ICF’s 5” of EPS foam and 6” (or more) of concrete. The inside temperature changes very slowly, so heating and cooling costs are dramatically reduced. This also allows you to spend less on a smaller HVAC system.

    These benefits are permanent. Unlike some other insulation systems, Integraspec’s performance does not downgrade over time.

    No other ICF system utilizes EPS “Bucks” for door and windows, meaning there is no break in the insulation around openings. Other systems require pressure treated wood or plastic around openings which can cause thermal bridging.



    Some insurance companies recognize the disaster resistance of ICF homes and allow for lower rates. Insurance premiums can be up to 50% less with ICF homes, especially in areas where severe weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) is common.