Skipper Smotherman    

General Contractor



    I am from Murfreesboro, and have worked in the Construction Industry in Middle Tennessee since 1984. I have been a licensed Contractor since 1993. I am licensed for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Building Construction. I have successfully built many different types of Buildings including: residential restoration, additions, homes, daycare, Christian School, Churches, and a 20,500 square foot school building with gymnasium, commercial kitchen, offices, and classrooms. I have many customers for whom I have completed multiple projects over the years. During the 10 years I spent doing restoration work, I learned what goes wrong with buildings and how to avoid these problems when building new buildings.

    I am very excited about  ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) technology. Having built wood frame, light gauge steel, CMU (concrete blocks), and steel frame buildings, I can say that ICF is superior to all these forms of construction. ICF buildings are Safer, more energy efficient, quieter, more comfortable, and better for the environment. Any added expense for ICF construction is more than offset by the money saved on heating and cooling.

    Feel free to call me to come out and look at one of my Jobs, and to discuss your new home or commercial building.