Integraspec ICF of Middle Tennessee
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    What is ICF ?

            ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Forms

    What are the benefits of ICF homes?

      More Info  Safety - Severe weather resistance

      More Info Savings - 40 to 70% savings on heating & cooling

      More Info  Comfort - No temp. swings or cold spots       

      More Info Healthy - Improved indoor air quality

      More Info  Green - More Efficient construction and operation

      More Info  Versatile - Any style home can be built with ICF’s

    Are ICF Homes expensive?

                The monthly savings on heating & cooling are enough to offset the small added building costs, giving you a safer, more efficient home for the same monthly expense.  






An ICF Home in the Cayman Islands      that took the full force of Hurricane Ivan, a category 5 hurricane in 2004.

An ICF home was the only home in its area to survive the storm surge from Hurricane Katrina in 2006.  


An ICF home still under construction survived with almost no damage when a tornado destroyed most of the homes in a Stoughton, Wisconsin neighborhood in 2005. 


    IntegraSpec® is an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system consisting of super insulating expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels with patented webs/spacers designed to secure rebar as needed.

    IntegraSpec ICF’s are stacked in place, reinforced with steel, and filled with concrete providing:

  1. 1.Exceptional strength of steel reinforced concrete

  1. 2.Super Insulation: (EPS panels & Thermal Mass provide 40 + R-performance

3. No air infiltration through walls

  1. 4.Easy installation of drywall (studs at 8" on center)

  1. 5.Easy installation of brick or other exterior finishes

    All in 1 step, with 1 crew/contractor, in less time.